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While Dauzat St. Marie was on a large U.S. Summer tour with Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar, singer Heather St. Marie discovered the dreaded lump all women fear. When the tour ended, Heather visited specialists and was diagnosed with Stage II B Breast Cancer. Through major surgery, half a year of chemotherapy, and six weeks of radiation treatments, Heather and Mat fought side by side… sharing their battle with the vast network of fans they built from years of extensive touring. In doing so, they noticed how their network was quick to rally around them and envelop them in support in the face of this adversity. The song “In It Together” was woven of the fabric of this wonderful shroud of solidarity.


Dauzat St. Marie were informed by many fans that their story inspired them to get mammograms that they had been putting off for some time. Some of these fans shared further that their mammograms resulted in a breast cancer diagnosis and that the nudging to get tested provided the early detection that very well could be life-saving. These moments affirmed for Dauzat St. Marie that they must use their platform and fanbase to raise awareness and raise funds to help save lives.


The duo assembled a team of award-winning filmmakers and actors to descend upon the magical desert landscape of Joshua Tree, California to shoot a music video for “In It Together” to be used as an awareness and fundraising tool. The music video has a number of references to “one in eight,” including the introduction of the video’s unique symbol (conceptualized and hand-painted by Heather), which is literally the number “one” superimposed over the number “eight.” There are seven women in the desert, each in possession of one of eight numbered rocks corresponding to their characters’ “one in eight” status. Later in the video, the group welcomes the lead actress, who becomes number eight in the group as she receives her rock to memorialize the event. All these references allude to the unfortunate fact that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The primary goal of the fundraising element of the video is to raise money for American Cancer Society research. By funding the future together, we can save lives.